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Sloppy Joe Waffles

What’s better than a sloppy joe? Sloppy joe waffles! These sloppy joe waffles are so so good! They’re almost like a cross between a sloppy joe and a classic waffle. They’re warm, hearty, and just all around delicious food meets breakfast food.

I’m a bit obsessed with the idea of breakfast for dinner. I love to make breakfast foods and dinner foods. They’re just so good. Spanakopita and breakfast tacos are among my favorite things to make for dinner. Like those, these sloppy joe waffles are complete comfort food. They’re warm, hearty, and so so good.

The possibilities for these sloppy joe waffles are endless. If you’re not a fan of sloppy joes, you can always make the waffles without the sauce and it’ll be just as delicious. No worries if you don’t have time to make the sloppy joe sauce. You can just serve the sloppy joe waffles with ketchup or hot sauce. They’re simple and delicious no matter what.


Sloppy Joe filling, waffles, cheese, butter, green onions, ketchup, mustard


  1. Heat waffle iron.

  2. Spread a generous amount of ketchup and mustard onto the waffle.

  3. Add a layer of cheese.

  4. Add a layer of Sloppy Joe filling.

  5. Add a layer of green onions.

  6. Top with another layer of cheese.

  7. Top with another layer of Sloppy Joe filling.

  8. Top with another layer of green onions.

  9. Close the waffle iron and cook until the cheese is melted and the waffle is golden brown.

  10. Serve with a side of extra ketchup and mustard.